Paper Flower Wreath

Beautiful Paper Flower Wreath


A month or two ago someone asked me how to make this wreath after seeing the post of all the wreaths we have in our home. Although I had planned on sharing this sometime in November the whole moving process took up more of my time than I had expected… Speaking of which do you like our new front door?


Paper Flower Wreath at Wedding
Photo by Brian Lowman 


This wreath was originally made for my wedding – its the wreath next to my sisters elbow! – and I have to admit that this wreath literally took months to make – and there were several of us working on it. Although we weren’t working on it 24/7 we spent countless hours cutting the Carnation Petals and wrapping them up to make pretty flowers. Even so it is definitely one of the prettiest wreaths that we have made.


Paper Flower Wreath


This Paper Flower Wreath seriously takes a long time to make! I don’t want to discourage anyone from making this wreath, but I do want you to know the truth before you get started and then get frustrated so that I can’t be blamed for a half finished Paper Flower Wreath. However, if you are in for the long hall and are able to put the necessary time in you will have a beautiful wreath that all you and all your friends will love and admire!


Some of the supplies needed for a Paper Flower Wreath


What you’ll need:

Book Pages 

EK Success Tools Edger Punch, Carnation Petals, Large – affiliate link

Chop Stick

Hot Glue Gun

Coffee for Antiquing the Pager

A styrofoam wreath


Carnation Petals


First, use the EK Success Tools Edger Punch, Carnation Petals, Large – affiliate link – to punch out the Carnation Petals from the book pages. Keep cutting until you have a bunch of Carnation Petals – there is no such thing as cutting too much. I’m pretty sure we used a couple of books to make this one wreath.


Using a Chopstick to roll the Paper Petals


Once you have cut a bunch of carnation petals take the chop stick and start wrapping one of the strips of carnation petals around the chop stick using the hot glue gun to glue together the strips of petals. I added the glue in thin strips right above where you see my thumb – make sure you don’t accidently glue together any of the pretty petals. The chopstick helps to form the flower – don’t worry you won’t have to use it the whole time.


Adding lots of Carnation Petals to the Paper Flower


Keeping glueing and wrapping the carnation petals until a little flower has formed. Once you have made a little flower you can stop using the chop stick – I found it easier to hold the flower upside down at this point when I was adding the strips of carnation petals.


Carnation Petals Paper Flower


Keep adding and glueing the papers until you have the size flower you want – I liked to make a variety of sizes for my wreath.


Lots of Hot Glue to hold together the Paper Flower


 Then add a bunch of hot glue to the bottom of the flower to keep it completely held together.


Antiqued Paper Flower


To antique the flower, fan open the flower petals and dip it in some warm left over coffee mixed with some coffee grinds and let air dry – this how-to on antiquing paper is the same way I antique these flowers.  Just don’t let the glue touch the warm/hot coffee or else your flower might fall apart. I would suggest waiting to antique the flowers until you have made a bunch of them. 


Once you have made and antiqued a ton of flowers start attaching them to the wreath with your hot glue gun. Continue this process until the whole wreath is covered. That’s it! It is pretty simple to make but it does take time!


Carnation Petals Paper Flower Wreath


I also added lace bow to give it a special touch!




  1. This totally made me have flashbacks to the many nights we put into making this gorgeous wreath. It was definitely worth it! :)

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  4. Hi Guistina,

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of paper flower crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

  5. Your wreath is gorgeous! I have been Pinning the many different types of book wreaths and I find yours to be simply stunning! And of course, I will be Pinning it!

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