Chocolate Crepes with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling



Chocolate Crepes (Dutch Chocolate Pancakes) Ingredients

Sweet Cream Cheese Filling Ingredients


Chocolate Crepes Directions

  1. First whisk 3 eggs in a medium bowl & then whisk in 4 cups of water.
  2. In a separate large bowl mix together the dry ingredients (8 Tablespoons Coco Powder, 1 Cup All Purpose Flour, 1 Cup Self Rising Flour, 5-6 Tablespoons Sugar, 1 Pinch Salt).
  3. Using a hand blender slowly blend the egg water into the dry ingredients until it is thoroughly blended with no lumps.**
  4. Heat a small fry pan at medium low heat & wipe vegetable oil on the base & sides of the pan with a paper towel.***
  5. Pour a little less than 1/4 cup**** of crepe batter in the bottom of your pan & swirl it around so that it covers the base of your pan.
  6. Once the crepe has some bubbles & begins to pull away from the sides, use a heat proof spatula to carefully flip the crepe (or if you are use to the heat of a kitchen you can use your fingers – just don’t burn yourself!).
  7. The crepe is finished cooking when it easily slides off the pan.
  8. Place your crepe on a plate & repeat the above steps until you have used all of the batter.
  9. Serve immediately or wrap in plastic wrap while the crepes are still hot & place them in the fridge.*****

Sweet Cream Cheese Filling Directions

  1. Blend the cream cheese & powdered sugar together along with the lemon juice & vanilla extract for 2-3 minutes until fluffy.
  2. Then blend in the French vanilla creamer. If it’s too thick just blend in a little more French vanilla creamer to your desired thickness.
  3. You can serve the crepes on a plate with the filling on the side so each individual can fill their own or you can pre wrap them & serve your Chocolate Crepes with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling on a pretty platter.******


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