Simple Fresh Ravioli



  1. First, lay out one wonton wrap and scoop one tablespoon of herbed ricotta cheese onto the center of the wonton and flatten it into a circle. Then dip your finger in the small bowl of water and paint the water around the edges of the wonton wrap.
  2. Immediately place another wonton wrap on top and seal all of the edges by pressing down on them with your fingers.
  3. Use a fork to make these cute little marks all around the ravioli – just be careful not to puncture the center of the ravioli.
  4. Continue this process until you have as many homemade ravioli as you want. Cook the ravioli in a pot of salted boiling water with a few tablespoons of olive oil to keep the pasta from sticking.
  5. Once the ravioli has risen to the top of the pot continue to let it cook for another 2-3 minutes. Then drain the pasta and serve with your favorite sauce!


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