Wanton S’mores




  1. Place 2 marshmallows and 2 chocolate chips on top of each wanton wrapper – if you like peanut butter in your s’mores go ahead and put a little bit in there too!
  2. Brush the edges of the wanton wrappers with water and follow the directions below to seal each Wanton S’mores – there are two different ways depending on if you are frying or baking them.

To Fry

  1. Seal the wanton wrappers by folding one corner across to the other corner, pressing firmly – looks like a triangle – then fold the two outer edges on top.
  2. Fry the Wanton S’mores in a pan of hot vegetable oil until golden brown on all sides – about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Place the golden Wanton S’mores on a paper towel to cool and remove any excess oil.

To Bake

  1. You can seal the wanton wrappers as described above or you can bring all of the corners of the wanton wrapper up to the top and pinch all of the edges to seal it tight.
  2. Place the sealed wanton wrappers on an oil sprayed baking sheet and spray the tops of each sealed wanton.
  3. In an oven preheated to 425° bake the Wanton S’mores until golden brown – about 2-3 minutes.
  4. Remove from the oven and let cool.
  5. These Wanton S’mores are great served warm and with a sprinkling of powdered sugar – I bet chocolate syrup would be good too!


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